August 2005 website

Morgan Foods


client: asi marketing + Morgan Foods

Ever hear of morgan Foods? Probably not but they're the cannery behind many of the store brands you see every time you visit the super market. Morgan Foods wanted a website that reflected their market share and primary products. The final site is a combination of beautiful typography and imagery that makes me hungry every time I view the website.

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November 2005 website

area tenant rep


client: asi marketing + area

The commercial real estate broker AREA was looking for two things in their website redesign:
1. It had to feel like an extension of their space.
2. It had to be fast—I mean zero load time—Available NOW—Fast.
The final solution is a 780k website that combines a photo slide show, modern typography and a silky smooth expanding box navigation system that reminds a user of an office floor plan.

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june 2005 web application

mesa community college online course system

ART DIRECTION / information architecture

client: the r-smart group

With the advent of the internet it seems that traveling to class has become well... optional. This system allows Mesa Community College students to attend virtual lectures, turn in assignments, view notes and even get their grades from anywhere in the world. As the interface designer for this project I had several major goals. First the site had to be easy to use. MCC didn't want the activity of attending a virtual class to detract from the actual learning. Second the site was expected to provide students with access to a massive amount of information in a way that just made sense. Finally the site needed to provide students with the MCC experience even if they were nowhere near the Arizona campus.

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march 2005 cd-rom training

guidant cbt


client: asi marketing + guidant

In fields like medical technology, sales reps face an almost constant battle to stay current with the newest updates to the company's product lineup. Guidant wanted a computer based training module that would provide its reps with all the information needed to position its new product without eating into their busy schedules. The solution was a 10 minute Flash presentation including sales tips from Guidant's top sales rep.

result: competitors product was pulled from the shelves one week after the cbt launch. guidant attributes the pull to knowledge its sales force gained from the CBT.

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july 2005 identity / web application

asi internal client management app

ART DIRECTION / information architecture

client: asi marketing

ASI asked me to revamp its existing extranet application to make it more useful and intuitive. The application update coincides with a company wide rebranding effort that makes available colors and alternate navigation styles for use in the application.

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july 2005 identity

m5 media rebrand


client: m5 media

Branding created for a web development and hosting shop. The Owner came looking for a mark that speaks to the trendy technologist.

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december 2004 concept study

time + alternative clocks

design / print production / flash production

client: personal

What kind of designer would I be without a few personal projects that promise very little return for my sweat and blood other than the possibility that I, or maybe even the world, will receive new understanding of a concept. This is one such project and represents my ongoing foray into the world of time, time increments, time measurement and even time's effects. To date the project includes several alternative format visual calendars, a "loading bar" printed book and a percent based digital clock. I'm currently attempting to build a printed calendar that can work independent of the year in which it is viewed.

result: I lay awake at night thinking about how long i've been lying a wake.

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November 2004 event package

beaujolais nouveau celebration

ART DIRECTION / design / illustration

client: university of minnesota duluth : office of the chancellor

Every year the University of Minnesota Duluth holds an art auction and dinner that coincides with the Beaujolais Nouveau harvest wine festival. I was asked to create event materials from invitations to auction lists that would remind the viewer of the festivals unique history and tradition. The final solution, inspired by a wine drip on a napkin, features a waiter enclosed within a picture frame.

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july 2004 book

acg costa rica - investor book

design / typesetting / photography

client: bielenberg institute at the edge of the earth + acg costa rica

In had the great opportunity to spend two weeks in the world's largest privately funded conservation area (Area de Conservation Guantacoste) with John Bielenberg and the rest of the Project M '04 group. Sometimes I think you can't take designers anywhere without them wanting to "make something" about their experience. The result of our group's desire to communicate the ACG's struggles, triggered a small book targeted at potential investors. The book contains photography and facts outlining the Costa Rican deforestation as well as the ACG's efforts to revert those effects. This book has become a great leave behind for the ACG's primary fund raisers.

Stay tuned for a top secret book project from Project M '04 that's currently in the works or you could check out the Project M features in "HOW" and "STEP" magazines.

Relevant Links: John Bielenberg | Speak Up | ThinkLab | Project M

december 2005 micro site / flash game

rebrand santa

design / FLASH PRODUCTION / information architecture

client: asi marketing

What does a marketing firm do for Christmas? Find something to rebrand of course. In this case, good natured Santa was the target of a rebrand. This little flash game provided users with a drag and drop interface to dress Santa in different combinations of outfits from the wardrobe. Users were also able to save/rank Santas in the gallery.


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august 2005 dvd + package

rebuilding lives: tsunami relief update


client: evangelical free church of america + spark

Mailer package and DVD face for a video intended to provide an overview of the ongoing relief efforts surrounding the aftermath of Asia's Tsunami.

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december 2005 event package

howitson + graham wedding


client: jackie graham

Wedding event materials always pose unique problems but some of them are especially obvious when the materials are for my own wedding. There were numerous goals for this project. The most prominent of which was to create an object that introduced two people's unique personalities as one. The second goal was to save money on the production of the materials and on postage. This solution combines icons representing our enjoyment of winter with one color printing and an accordion fold to keep the cost affordable. An added feature is a tear-off reply post card that separates from the main invite to allow guests to signal their intent.


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